What Does Mercury Retrograde Look Like?

Mercury Retrograde (Mercury Rx) makes the orbit of Mercury look as if it is moving backwards once the planet’s orbit has reached maximum distance and has to orbit in front of the Sun. This left-to-right motion as the planet transits across the sun, as it appears to look like it is going in reverse is called retrograde motion.

This video will illustrate what the retrograde motion is in the sky. This is a time lapse on the same time at noon. Then we turn the lights off so that you can see the other planets more clearly.

Johannes Regiomontanus’ Calendar – Housecleaning

One slick Calendar


In typical ADD housecleaning, you check out the mess and attack it piece by piece.  I noticed my links are littered with, well, some whatever.  I thought the images in the calendar were so striking that I wanted to show this artwork off.  Cleaning up my links however, this deserves a post.


☿ Mercury Rx / ♆ Neptune D

☿ Mercury Rx / ♆ Neptune D

About fifteen hours ago… Neptune went direct. It’s been few years since I blogged on here, discussed astrology, or explained any astronomical physics. Fire up Starry Night Pro is what I’m thinkin. Seems like a time of some fresh planning and follow through.

How to Stop the Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico

How to Stop the OIl Leak in the Gulf of Mexico

How to Stop the Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico

This image is meant to be spread around to engineers, television stattions, politicians, or to anyone who might be able to use it to help in stopping this leak from continuing.

My aim is for this to be passed on to CNN, BP, Fox News, BBC News and any other news network which might expose this to someone who can help.

This device is created to be inserted into a high pressure hole with little resistance. I don’t know if this will be the right answer or if it will surely work, but I attempted to design a diagram illustrating the effect of plugging up the leak(s) in the Gulf of Mexico.

If the opening is equal in diameter, the sides would then be bent inward to create a smaller opening.

The device would then have cones which would open at the same time, and use the force of the ocean to push the opposing cone against the smaller opening.

Once the leak is plugged, it could then be more easily sealed and blocked off permanently.

This could function well if there are many holes, and at varying sizes in diameter as the design and cone shape is scalable.

If you find this useful, please pass it on to the appropriate think tanks or to BP themselves

Moon in Scorpio: 1000 Ways to Die on Spike TV

Spike TV has unveiled a new series bluntly named 1000 Ways To Die, showing a couple ways every week ranging from the quick and dirty to the silent but deadly.  As graphic as it is, this show pulls my morbidly curious Saturn-Mars conjunction in Scorpio to see what happens, and the fact that each different way to die is preceded by a time, place and person – perfect for the execution of a fateful transit.

The show does not put them into any specific order, so the numbers will be random, it appears as if Spike plans to air all 1000 ways to die.  The evening I first caught this show, I witnessed Way to Die #629… “Sex Ray”



The content displayed here is very graphic and must not be attempted by anyone.  If you try anything you see here, YOU WILL DIE

Once the torrent is done, I’ll put up the charts and examine to see if there is a relationship between the dates, events and the transits – Like a deathly Horary question asking “How Will I Die?”  Here is a snippet of one of these episodes:


Transits coming soon…

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Meteor Over Canada

APOD’s November 25th posting features a ‘desk-sized’ meteor which fell to earth over western Canada, illuminating Alberta and British Columbia skies late in the evening of November 20th.

This police dashboard camera captures the meteor in its final moments.  Astronomers hope to attempt to triangulate its position to both determine its impact site, and also discover its origin.  The heavy gravitational field of Mars and Jupiter conventionally pull most all meteors, compets and asteroids away from the earth’s orbit, but on rare occasions, foreign bodies land on our planet.

It is speculated that lake Huron (and possibly the wide spread of lakes spanning Canada’s provinces and territories) could have been created by an earth-killer, explaining why there are so many rare and precious metals and rocks surrounding the Great Canadian Shield.

Even the Astronomers Are Excited About Venus & Jupiter…

Astrologers are stoked about this Sunday’s Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Tropical Capricorn, but Astronomers and Jyotishas alike are equally as eager to see the same conjunction in Sidereal-Sagittarius.

Precession moves the tropical-seasonal zodiac by the vernal equinox, but the slow movement of precession is guilty of slowly shifting this equinox point of 0 degrees Aries at march 20th away from the Sidereal-fixed star zodiac by 1 degree every 72 years.  Multiply that out by about 26,000 years and that is how long it would take for the two beginning points on the zodiac to return the same position.

As of now, the two zodiacs are approximately 24 degrees apart – making this venus/jupiter conjunction tropically occur at 20 degrees Capricorn, and Sidereally (astronomically) at 16 degrees Sagittarius.

Both Zodiacs are equally as valid, as astrologers use both tropical and sidereal, but astronomers use the argument that the tropical zodiac is invalid due to it’s movement away from the astronomical fixed point.  The yearly cycle of the Sun’s movement throughout the seasons creating zeniths and nadirs in daylight and 4 very distinguishable seasons along with a traceable analemma.

Regardless of the audience, on the evening of November 30th and December 1st, come outside in the cold with a friend or family member to witness the syzygy of the night sky’s two most luminous bodies.

Celebrity Astrology Blog Now Online


Recently a friend of mine created the site Celebrity Astrology Blog to focus on famous charts and events surrounding their lives.


I had the most fun making this little logo for the site, so with a Scorpio Sun First House, some sexy secrets may be revealed! Congratulations Chris Brennan!

Stephen Colbert & Jonathan Swift – Defenders of Satire with Gemini Moons

Although born centuries apart, these two men carry a karmic tie, not limited to merely their Irish heritage, but from society’s continued attraction toward their comedic approach to the problems facing the middle-class.

Jonathan Swift, born in Dublin, Ireland, and Stephen Colbert, born in Washington DC, are both known as some of the most profound satirists in history.  Swift’s mark in history stemmed from his essay A Modest Proposal: For Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland from Being a Burden to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public, more commonly known simply as A Modest Proposal.

Colbert has taken the shift in media to make a nightly show skewering and poking fun at politicians and pop culture issues.

Synastry Chart of Stephen Colbert (Red) & Jonathan Swift (blue) -no birth times

The one commonality between them both is their Gemini Moons.  Jonathan Swift’s Gemini Moon (blue wheel) is conjunct the north node and points towards a very active opposing Mercury in Sagittarius tied to a Sun/Venus conjunction, highlighting Swift as one of the world’s greatest prose satirists.  Colbert’s Moon (red wheel) is opposite alluring Lilith, drawing crowds of devoted fans on a nightly basis, naming him Captain America (amongst many of his titles), alluding to his Pluto in Virgo.

The Watchmen – New Trailer Under Scorpio Stellium