Spotting Constellations

The sidereal sky can confuse those who attempt to connect the dots when visualizing the constellations as vivid imagery and art.  One website has posted some beautiful night skies with both the constellations and the art associated with it.



Regulus (The Lion) & Ursa Major (The Great Bear or the Big Dipper)

Regulus (The Lion) & Ursa Major (The Great Bear or the Big Dipper)

It’s difficult to spot the constellations here, so the image below will connect the dots.




Regulus and Ursa Major Constellations

Regulus and Ursa Major Constellations



To see them together, this image overlays the constellations on top of the illustrations.  More constellations to come!



Constellations and Illustrations Overlaid

Constellations and Illustrations Overlaid


  1. jzholloway

    I have a lot of pictures of constellations, both with and without connecting lines. Right now I’ve just got most of the Summer constellations. I have posted them on my blog, and will continue to update the constellations as they continue to rise and change.

  2. frank lionetti

    I’m trying to find the illustrator responsible for the image above “Constellations and Illustrations Overlaid”. I own a graphic design firm in CT, we’re currently working on a project that could conceivably require this illustrator’s style. I would like to see work by this person. Whatever you can do to help me locate the illustrator would be greatly appreciated.


  3. jzholloway

    Frank, I do not know who does them, however they can be found in the StarryNight Programs… I do simple line drawings on the constellations, with actual pictures I have taken

  4. Meredith

    Yep, I use Starry Night for all my astronomy-related art, and it works wonders. I use the program extensively myself so if you are looking for art like this, I can help you to create what you are aiming for.

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