WHASSSAP!? Budweiser Ad Makes a Comeback in Sagittarius for Obama

Budweiser created one of history’s most memorable commericals in 1999, forever iconizing the American Dream of beer, football, and spending time with friends.



In lieu of current politics almost ten years later, Venus crossed over the budweiser commerical’s natal Pluto in their birth chart, and Pluto made a conjunction to their natal Sagittarius Sun, on top of Mars transiting over their natal Venus in Scorpio, all reflecting the comeback in interest towards a group of friends (Sagittarius Sun in 5th house) with interest from friends (transiting panets in 5th house – more matters pertaining to friends and fun stuff)

-football, friendship & beer are represented in the 7th house with Neptune transiting over mars (neptune is alcohol, mars is the ‘brothers’, the 7th house is them being each other’s partner in this event)

– the dark part of the allure to this commercial’s chart transits is that Pluto has wreaked havoc on each of the characters in the ad, each individual suffering from problems relating to the last 8 years [of government].



What makes this commercial special is the reflection of time, and the change of events stemming from post-1999 season up to now.  The commercial has a good chart for drawing the attention of friends and ‘good times’ in general, but the transits of this commercial explicate a deeper message of global change and re-examination of personal, and communal values.


Now enjoy the new WHASSSAP Budweiser Ad!



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