Stephen Colbert & Jonathan Swift – Defenders of Satire with Gemini Moons

Although born centuries apart, these two men carry a karmic tie, not limited to merely their Irish heritage, but from society’s continued attraction toward their comedic approach to the problems facing the middle-class.

Jonathan Swift, born in Dublin, Ireland, and Stephen Colbert, born in Washington DC, are both known as some of the most profound satirists in history.  Swift’s mark in history stemmed from his essay A Modest Proposal: For Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland from Being a Burden to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public, more commonly known simply as A Modest Proposal.

Colbert has taken the shift in media to make a nightly show skewering and poking fun at politicians and pop culture issues.

Synastry Chart of Stephen Colbert (Red) & Jonathan Swift (blue) -no birth times

The one commonality between them both is their Gemini Moons.  Jonathan Swift’s Gemini Moon (blue wheel) is conjunct the north node and points towards a very active opposing Mercury in Sagittarius tied to a Sun/Venus conjunction, highlighting Swift as one of the world’s greatest prose satirists.  Colbert’s Moon (red wheel) is opposite alluring Lilith, drawing crowds of devoted fans on a nightly basis, naming him Captain America (amongst many of his titles), alluding to his Pluto in Virgo.


  1. Jara

    Interesting observation about Jonathan and Stephen’s common Gemini Moons. <- a perfect tool in any good satirist's bag of tricks. While watching his show, I have often wondered why it's hard to pin Stephen down to one point of view. With a Gemini Moon, he has successfully detached himself from his point of view to poke fun at all political sides…as a "conservative" though.

    Although I recognize Stephen's talents at satire, I much prefer Sagittarius Jon Stewart's brand of humor. I watch The Daily Show for my much-needed dose of satire.

    Both Sagittarius and Gemini are prominent in my chart 🙂 I often take the opposite point of view of the majority or even how I really feel just to see if I can argue it…and end up debating people who agree with my *real* point of view. I always find that ironic and good material for a chuckle to myself.

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