About Astroblogos

This blog is in place to keep me on track on my weekly postings at school.  Since all posts are net-based, I might as well put them up somewhere for personal review and friendly critique.  Anything else related to astrology, but not pertinent to school, also gets a spot up in this blog.

I attend Kepler College, and after a long hiatus, will return for the remaining two years and post my weekly and final assignments here.  This will compliment my growing network of astrological work, spanning diagrams for books, websites, organizational development of the astrological industry, and research into ancient texts specifically related to the Hellenistic and Vedic branches of astrology.



This is my natal chart.  The horizon line represents the point where the sky meets the ground at eye level giving me a Scorpio ascendant. I have Saturn and Mars co-present in Scorpio, directly above the horizon,the sole and only reason why I am covered in cuts and scars.  It’s physically akin to driving with the breaks on.  That ominous red cloud is the milky way, and Jupiter & Neptune are quite happy there.



One comment

  1. 天使

    My respectful teacher

    I write to you in the faraway city of BeiJing,hoping to rely on your wisdom to find the chance that can make me settle down and get on with myself’s life,in other words,live in peace.and if there are any other chances for me to choose?

    Your help can change the life of an ambitious young man who don’t kown how to start? Thank you for your generosity and philanthropy!

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