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Celebrity Astrology Blog Now Online


Recently a friend of mine created the site Celebrity Astrology Blog to focus on famous charts and events surrounding their lives.


I had the most fun making this little logo for the site, so with a Scorpio Sun First House, some sexy secrets may be revealed! Congratulations Chris Brennan!

Stephen Colbert & Jonathan Swift – Defenders of Satire with Gemini Moons

Although born centuries apart, these two men carry a karmic tie, not limited to merely their Irish heritage, but from society’s continued attraction toward their comedic approach to the problems facing the middle-class.

Jonathan Swift, born in Dublin, Ireland, and Stephen Colbert, born in Washington DC, are both known as some of the most profound satirists in history.  Swift’s mark in history stemmed from his essay A Modest Proposal: For Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland from Being a Burden to Their Parents or Country, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public, more commonly known simply as A Modest Proposal.

Colbert has taken the shift in media to make a nightly show skewering and poking fun at politicians and pop culture issues.

Synastry Chart of Stephen Colbert (Red) & Jonathan Swift (blue) -no birth times

The one commonality between them both is their Gemini Moons.  Jonathan Swift’s Gemini Moon (blue wheel) is conjunct the north node and points towards a very active opposing Mercury in Sagittarius tied to a Sun/Venus conjunction, highlighting Swift as one of the world’s greatest prose satirists.  Colbert’s Moon (red wheel) is opposite alluring Lilith, drawing crowds of devoted fans on a nightly basis, naming him Captain America (amongst many of his titles), alluding to his Pluto in Virgo.

Pink’s Saturn Return in the Local News

 From the Metro News in Toronto today:

Pink (born September 8, 1979) is waiting for her birthday next year to seek clarity in her own life, and she has speculated that this will come about via her Saturn Return. Your Saturn return is the same as your birthday, but instead of being the time when the Sun comes back to where it was when you were born, Saturn’s orbit takes 28-30 years, so this will mark Pink’s first ‘Saturn Birthday’.

It is not often that we see celebrities openly using practical astrology, especially in the media, as the Saturn birthday is as much of an important stepping stone in life as ones own regular birthday.  Solar returns give much insight into the year to come, but the Saturn returns launches you over the threshold to adulthood, from where you meet the limits of time, maturity and death.

It is commonly accepted that one does not reach adulthood until the age of 30, and Saturn signifies maturity, structure, and limits – a threshold once passed, adults must face these turning points of life, or be doomed to repeat the lessons first met at 28 years at the second Saturn Return.  This usually occurs around ones mid-life crisis. Liz Greene is one of the most knowledgeable authors on the topic of Saturn, and has written the book Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil.  A must read for anyone approaching or mystified by this event.

28-30 is the coming of age in the astrological world, and there is no better planet which teaches us this lesson than Saturn.  Pink’s Saturn is amidst a huge Virgo stellium

Pinks Natal Chart (time unknown) with transits for her Saturn Return Next Year in September 2009

Pink's Natal Chart (time unknown) with transits for her Saturn Return Next Year in September 2009


Exactly squaring her natal Neptune at 17° Sagittarius (currently her Neptune is being squared by transitting rebellious and disrupting Uranus in Pisces).  So we may see a more mature, sophisticated and potentially reserved Pink come next year.  Uranus in Pisces is not only squaring Neptune, but it is also opposing that entire Virgo stellium, looking directly at her Saturn and challenging it.  Pink may face many problems in the following year concerning Virgonian (mercury-ruled sorting, cleaning, nutrition, cleanliness, education, legal matters, business) and Piscean (jupiter-ruled belief, knowledge) and her stellium will only complicate matters further.  There may be some more rebellion against the musical status quo, but once Pink has completed the reuturn, which will probably en once Saturn leaves Virgo for Libra – if Pink is prepared, she will surely change her outlook and perspective at this juncture and reap Saturn’s rewards.

A Tribute to an Immaculate Performance


This morning’s 12:01 am premiere showing of Batman: The Dark Knight left a chill in my heart and a shiver down my back.

Heath Ledger’s Performance took my friends and I on a roller-coaster of emotions and was without a doubt the ride we were waiting for through the deep realm of cutting emotions the movie rightfully belonged to.

It seems evident in Ledger’s performance the winding dark cavern of mental process and effort it took to hold such intensity in his character, and fueled the reasoning as to his unfortunate tragedy, and throughout the film made me miss him even more.

I haven’t seen a performance in an actor this consuming and I wanted to pay tribute to his talents, as he has proven himself to the world that he is capable of re-creating one of the greatest villains of all time, and all at once make us love, hate, and revere him.

Ledger died at the age of 28 during his Saturn return

*Note for the non-astrological crowd: The sun takes one year for your birthday but Saturn takes approximately 28 years. Ledger died on his Saturn birthday.

but the date of The Dark Knight‘s release today on July 18th illustrates the power of Ledger’s performance as the Joker to the audience with the Mars/Saturn conjunction upon his natal Saturn, combined with Uranus conjunct his Mercury, Neptune Square Uranus, and numerous others. Take a look for yourself.

This is an untimed chart, so the ascendant and houses will be disregarded.

Let it show that astrology, transits and attraction can still be pertinent after death, and the love/hate relationship that we all have with Ledger’s character the Joker is beautifully archetyped in a transiting Mars/Saturn conjunction on his Saturn. A Mars/Saturn conjunction plays upon the ‘too-much, too-little’ complex and the Joker himself is an prime example of these transits. The Joker thrives upon the Bat’s fight against evil in order to survive, and without the Bat, there could be no Joker.

This transit is also reflected in Ledger’s own life with his inability to sleep on account of the work and effort he put into his films. Unable to sleep, his tragic end was met by consuming too many and to broad a spectrum of remedies. A victim of his own efforts and dark transformation for the film.



Heaths transformation from scars to full make up
Heath’s transformation from scars to full make up




Congratulations to Heath Ledger for putting his heart and soul into the intricate psyche of this character, and may he forever be crystalized as one of the best villains we have grown to love. Here is to you.