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How to Stop the Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico

How to Stop the OIl Leak in the Gulf of Mexico

How to Stop the Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico

This image is meant to be spread around to engineers, television stattions, politicians, or to anyone who might be able to use it to help in stopping this leak from continuing.

My aim is for this to be passed on to CNN, BP, Fox News, BBC News and any other news network which might expose this to someone who can help.

This device is created to be inserted into a high pressure hole with little resistance. I don’t know if this will be the right answer or if it will surely work, but I attempted to design a diagram illustrating the effect of plugging up the leak(s) in the Gulf of Mexico.

If the opening is equal in diameter, the sides would then be bent inward to create a smaller opening.

The device would then have cones which would open at the same time, and use the force of the ocean to push the opposing cone against the smaller opening.

Once the leak is plugged, it could then be more easily sealed and blocked off permanently.

This could function well if there are many holes, and at varying sizes in diameter as the design and cone shape is scalable.

If you find this useful, please pass it on to the appropriate think tanks or to BP themselves