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Astronomy Picture of the Day: Meteor Over Canada

APOD’s November 25th posting features a ‘desk-sized’ meteor which fell to earth over western Canada, illuminating Alberta and British Columbia skies late in the evening of November 20th.

This police dashboard camera captures the meteor in its final moments.  Astronomers hope to attempt to triangulate its position to both determine its impact site, and also discover its origin.  The heavy gravitational field of Mars and Jupiter conventionally pull most all meteors, compets and asteroids away from the earth’s orbit, but on rare occasions, foreign bodies land on our planet.

It is speculated that lake Huron (and possibly the wide spread of lakes spanning Canada’s provinces and territories) could have been created by an earth-killer, explaining why there are so many rare and precious metals and rocks surrounding the Great Canadian Shield.

Canada’s 2008 Federal Election: A Full Moon & More of the Same ’08!

This morning at 12:30am (Ottawa, EST time) marked the end of voting for the Canadian Federal Election, yesterday across Canada our polls opened for the final day of voting.


Just 45 minutes following, the moon went full in Aries, ruling over Mars in its own domicile in Scorpio, activatin the Sun in Libra and Venus in Scorpio.

I was slightly disheartened to see that not one US news network gave any coverage. CNN and Fox news were focusing on blunders at the podium.

There is a seat system adopted here, but majority and minority governments often occur when there large percentages of one party’s dominance when municipal ridings are won in certain areas.




Presently we have a couple parties, with 5 major ones

1. CON – Conservative Party
2. LIB – Liberal Party
3. NDP – New Democratic Party
4. GRN – Green Party
5. BQ – Bloc Québécois

AAE – Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party
CAP – Canadian Action Party
CHP – Christian Heritage Party
COM – Communist Party
FPN – First Peoples National Party
LBT – Libertarian Party
M-L – Marxist-Leninist Party
MP – Marijuana Party
NRP – Neo-Rhino Party
PCP – Progressive Canadian Party
WB – Western Block Party


Elections Canada stated this morning that the seat distribution is counted

so far, counting is not yet complete:

Conservatives: 143 seats, 37.6%
Liberals: 76 seats, 26.2%
Bloc Quebecois: 50 seats, 10%
NDP: 37 seats, 18.2%
Other parties: 2 seats, 8%
Source: Elections Canada

So the polls ended at 9:30pm last night in Vancouver, PST time, making it 12:30am here in Ottawa, Ontario, the captial of Canada.

Here is the chart for this morning at 12:30am for Ottawa, as the last ballot is cast in BC.



The transits are here in green over each of the candidates natal charts.
Please be advised that the times are NOON BIRTHS, so please disregard the ascendant.


Democratic Leader Stephen Harper


Liberal Leader Stephane Dion

NDP Leader Jack Layton

Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May


This election at the present moment the Conservatives went up from 127 seats to 143, and the liberals dropped 19 seats to 76. Basically, everything is staying the same, but the biggest loss was the Green Party’s inability to get a seat in the House for the first time in history.


Does it look as if the candidates charts reflect the popularity showing in the polls?  It appears if Canadians are pleased with the current state of affairs, and wish to continue the same course.

Vedic Delineation of Today’s Eclipse by Sam Geppi (Sadasiva)


Sam Geppi is a Certified Vedic Astrologer and Teacher through the American College of Vedic Astrology (level 2) as well as author of “The Ascendant – 108 Planets of Vedic Astrology”. He also has contributed to various Astrology publications.

Here is his delineation of the eclipse, discussing the effects on particular countries, namely Canada, with reference to beheadings.  In Canadian news yesterday, a beheading did occur ” Bus passenger beheaded seat mate, witness says“, giving Sam credit for the prediction. 


Sam discusses this eclipse from a Vedic perspective, using the sidereal zodiac of fixed stars to determine the location of the planets, moving them approximately 24˚ backwards (ie. 25˚ Aries would move to 1˚ Aries).


August 1, 2008 Eclipse: Part II


The Book of World Horoscopes

Nick Campion: The Book of World Horoscopes

I found my copy of Nick Campion‘s The Book of World Horoscopes, which happened to contain the foundation charts of the major cities in the direct path of the August 1st, Eclipse, just mere days away.


Canada, Russia and China are getting activity in unique areas of their respective charts; Canada in the 11th & 12th houses, Russia in their 4th, 5th & 9th, and lastly China, with heavy 9th & 10th house influences.



*Note: Please be aware for the following charts that the green planets on the outer ring of each foundation chart represents the August 1st, 2008 Eclipse positions of the planets, there should be the Sun , Moon , Mercury  & Venus  in Leo , and Mars  & Saturn  in Virgo .


Eclipse of August 1st, 2008

Saturn keeps coming up on this blog, and I was discussing with someone that it signifies oil, as that is dead black stuff under the ground, and it comes up in the mars/saturn conjunction in Virgo, and the Leo/aquarius opposition.

As this chart begins in Nunavut (3rd and newest Territory in Canada), passes right over the Arctic Circle, goes exact over Nadym, Siberia, and tapers off in China.

Nick Campion’s “The Book of World Horoscopes” contains these charts, along with the transits of the August 1st, eclipse, beginning with Canada:

Dominion of Canada

Then we move on to the Formation of the Russian Federation:

USSR Formation

And lastly, China, with a difficult chart to choose from, seeing as how their origins as a country fall around the 2nd millenium BC. As the book gives three charts, the formation of the People’s Republic of China during the Chinese Peoples’ Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in 1949 is the chosen chart [1]


Formation of the Peoples Republic of China

Formation of the Peoples' Republic of China


[1] Campion, The Book of World Horoscopes pp.94