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John McCain succumbs to the whims of Mercury, during a Mercury Retrograde

The elderly republican candidate has been so hot and bothered by the US financial fallout that it has overshadowed the calm demeanour of candidate Barack Obama.

Barack has managed to keep a level head and has not been pulling stunts or causing drama, unlike McCain, who stated that the ‘fundamentals of the economy were strong’ days prior to the economic collapse of Wall St., vowed then to suspend his campaign until the crisis is resolved, then re-instituted his campaign before the stock crash made a rebound, supported a vice-Presidential nominee clearly incapable of fulfilling her job, and has hurled insults at Barack Obama for his lack of involvement in the financial market bailout.


All of this has happened in a relatively short period of time.


With Robert Blaschke’s chart of McCain here, there are the Sun, Neptune and Venus in Virgo, and the ruler of Virgo, Mercury, is in aversion in Libra.



Now the interesting part comes from a digg article by Joe Klein titled “Anger vs. Steadiness in the Crisis”, outlining the difference in response to the stock market catastrophe between Obama and McCain.

The part which struck me was the word “mercurial” in this quote in the article.


Mercury itself is currently in retrograde (backward) motion, beginning on September 23rd EST time, and will continue to appear to move backwards until October 16


The interesting point about Mercury is that its characteristics, or ‘significations’ are traditionally:

          • the education of children
          • trade
          • keeping things up the air
          • legal matters

When Mercury goes ‘retrograde’ or ‘Rx’, what it does to these significations is ‘take them away’, break them,  and make one re-do, re-think, or fix mistakes in matters pertaining to the aforementioned topics.


I thought of Karl Rove. Back in 2003, at the height of Howard Dean mania, Rove was skeptical about Dean’s staying power as a candidate: “When was the last time Americans elected an angry President?” Much has been written about McCain’s mercurial temperament during the past few weeks….


Interesting choice of words considering the timing of Mercury and McCain’s natal chart. Please note that Mercury will perform a retrograde action like this three times a year, which is important to consider for someone whom is so taken by the reigns by this small planet.